Customers love to save time and money. It is for this reason why they make online purchases. They use their mobile device to search for the best products. Thus, an enterprise e-commerce business should be your consideration. It will help you to achieve your goals without much effort. However, you can run a business of low return due to the lack of clear understanding of how to make it successful. Shopify plus is a leading enterprise e-commerce platform in the UK that will help you increase sales. Being a hosted platform, it comes with features that will enable you to find potential buyers quickly. Here are the reasons for using Shopify plus to boost your sales:

Shopify plus has a reliable abandoned cart recovery

At times, your customers will add products on their cart and exit without making purchases.  There are numerous reasons why a customer can exit without buying. It might be due to the high shipping costs, or he/she could be hoping to receive an abandoned cart email offer with a discount so that they can save money.  In this essence, an abandoned cart recovery is essential. It will help you to boost your sales by following up with customers and encouraging them to complete the purchases.

Shopify plus integrates easily with Facebook

Do you have a massive number of social media followers? If yes, you need to consider selling on Facebook. Shopify plus is an excellent enterprise e-commerce platform because it integrates with Facebook. With this, customers will make purchases directly on Facebook without leaving their current page. With an API, your Facebook store will automatically sync inventory and payments with your Shopify account. Thus, you will manage your business from any place.

Shopify plus comes with SEO feature

Customers visit various places to search for products. They love comparing the items basing on quality and price. A massive number prefer the search engines because of the secure check-out process. They trust Google, Yahoo, and Bing because they cannot direct them to the unreliable seller. Thus, if you sell in these places, you will boost sales. Shopify plus is a great enterprise e-commerce platform when it comes to SEO. It will improve your site’s ranking to allow millions of customers to come across your products.

Shopify plus has integration with over 20 sales channels

Many enterprise e-commerce platforms will charge an extra cost for selling to various sales channels. However, Shopify plus is different. It integrates with sites like Amazon and eBay. Thus, you will only pay for the listing fee.