Enterprise e-commerce is a profitable business that can lead to high growth. However, some retailers make mistakes and fail to succeed because they believe that a website is all they need. They forget that they have to enhance the customers’ experience to motivate them to make purchases. The enterprise e-commerce platforms will help you be in front of your competitors. Nevertheless, not all will provide better services to your customers. You can use Shopify plus if your goal is to win more customers and run a business without errors. Here are 4 features that make it stand out from other platforms:

Customer support

Challenges can face everyone. But you need to look for ways to fix them. Because most of the customers are busy, they find it difficult to wait for more minutes for you to fix issues. And because dealing with the problems without the help of experts can take more time, you need to consider Shopify plus. It has a support system that will assure to provide you with feedback at the right time.

Shopify plus pricing

The way Shopify plus presents its pricing is different as compared to other enterprise e-commerce platforms. It has a fixed price of $ 2,000 which covers the customer support and the licensing cost. With this price, you will get advanced features that will enhance your business growth.

Shopify plus marketing tools

Marketing is a crucial way to bring your products closer to your customers. However, you can market and spend more money and time without finding potential buyers. Shopify plus will assure you of getting buyers at less cost. It has a reliable SEO feature to allow you to sell to the search engine users. Because of its customization options, you will add unique elements and customize your files to enhance the ranking of your site.

The good thing about Shopify plus is that it integrates with large marketplaces like Facebook, Amazon, and eBay. Because these places have massive traffic, you will sell your products quickly.

Advanced security

Insecure websites are experiencing challenges of attack. They lose their business information which leads to a diminishing of their businesses. It is for this reason why you need to go for a more secure enterprise e-commerce platform. Shopify plus will assure you of security by providing level I PCI DSS compliance and SSL certification. With this, you will enhance the customers’ experience by promising them to make safe purchases.